Things that Moving Companies Won’t Do For You

It’s unwise to expect your hired moving service to do every single, major or minor, complicated or uncomplicated task related to moving. There are certain tasks which your moving service won’t do for specific reasons like liability and expertise. To get those tasks done safely and professionally, you will need to hire professional services. Although you can ask the moving company well ahead of time that whether they are capable of doing those tasks, but there is a mighty chance that they wouldn’t agree for those tasks.

Some of those major tasks that you can’t get done by your moving company are as follows.

Dealing with chandelier

Professionally dealing with your antique crystal chandelier is not one of the moving company’s expertises. Hence, you will need to ask a professional electrician to come at your place and do the task. Moving companies do not work on the uninstallation of hardwired fixtures.

Disconnecting your appliances

While there are many items that moving companies can help in winding up, appliances are not among them. Disconnecting dryer, washing machine, air conditioner and other kitchen appliances is the task that you will need to do by yourself or you can ask the professionals to come do it for you. Furthermore, the packing of these items in the cheap moving boxes is also the task that your moving company would simply refuse to do.

Your satellite dish

Like every other item, a satellite dish is yours when you buy. It means that getting it installed or uninstalled is your responsibility. So you can either call a professional or you will need to do these tasks by yourself. With that said, your moving company is not going to uninstall or install your satellite dish because working on it is not among their area of expertise.

The specialty items

Antiques, pianos and expensive artworks belong to the category of specialty goods, which the moving companies keep out of their to-do list. Moving companies are trained to handle everything with a consistent behavior, which might not be appropriate for handling the specialty items. Hence, if you really want those items to be moved along with the other items loaded in the truck, you will have to ensure that you have provided them extra cushioning, something that only you need to do.


Jewelry, cash and firearms are among the major exceptions in the documents of moving companies for obvious reasons. These items are not the households that the moving companies agree to move. Furthermore, there are some complicated insurance and legal issues related to such items.


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